Mack Hoskins

Mack is a filmmaker and musician currently living in the Nashville area. Since receiving his Masters degree in Film from Watkins College, he uses video to explore deep and intimate characters and places. His extensive musical background has led him to integrate music and film in new, unconventional ways. His most recent work includes Ollie, a musical film loosely based on his dog (you can watch the film on Amazon, listen to the original soundtrack here, or watch a short interview with Mack about the film here) and The Raft: Meditation Loops, an album of music intended to be listened to while meditating. 

In addition, Mack is the co-host of Music Hell, a comedy podcast about the worst music ever made. Music Hell is available on Apple, Spotify, Google, and more!

To learn more about Mack and his recent work, read the interview he did with Watkins about his background and latest work here.